Acrylic Paintings, Watercolors, and Drawings

by Skip Van Lenten


Most of the stories I wrote in 30 Stories and A Little Adventure are about growing up in New Jersey in the 50's. but a few of them hint at what was to come in later years. If you click on Amazon's "Look Inside" feature, the first story appears in full, and more or less sets the stage for my infatuation with painting mountains and lakes in the Adirondacks. Just painting in general is something I enjoy, and being  a retired house painter, and grandfather of four, I can look back and see that I've done some of my best drawings and watercolors sitting with them at the kitchen table. My portraits go back a long time, mostly in oil, but painting with acrylics is fairly new to me. I can do a portrait in acrylics in a few days, working from photos, and like the idea that I have more free time for music, writing, and other paintings.

Some of the items here can be purchased from Etsy, or if you are interested in a portrait, you can contact me below. I would enjoy hearing from you. Skip 

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