Adirondack Art Studio

Skip Van Lenten


Skip and his wife have a home in the Adirondacks with a studio in the garage for painting. He spends time there in the summer, doing artwork that ranges from watercolors to acrylic paintings, portraits, and drawings. He has also written a book about his childhood years in northern New Jersey, and related experiences, when it could still be considered a rural area. If you click on Amazon's "Look Inside" feature of 30 Stories and A Little Adventure,  you will be able to read the first story in full. It describes a typical childhood day, wandering through the woods during a time when being outdoors in New Jersey was almost like being in the Adirondacks. The freedom to get out and enjoy nature has been a lifelong pleasure, and now that he is retired, Skip enjoys kayaking, hiking, and sitting at the kitchen table painting with his grandkids, feels that some of his best work has been done with them.

Some of the items here can be purchased from Etsy, or if you are interested in a portrait, you can contact Skip using the form below, or write to

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