Skip Van Lenten Stories and Art

I originally put this site together to share some of my paintings, but having written a number of short stories about growing up in New Jersey in the 50's and 60's, I added a Stories page recently. The paintings go back to 1983 when I did my first two portraits, and the stories are about memorable moments in my childhood and later years. I welcome any comments or interests you might have in art, and can be reached at:

One of my favorite watercolors, "The Neighbor's House."

The Bike Trip

Two wheels and a map.

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A Little Adventure

What started out as a winter hike in Vermont turned out to be a way of looking at life.

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The Parade

When you've been there, you never forget.

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First Car

They don't make them like they used to.

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The Radio

Electronics in the 50's.

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The Trade

Keeping it real.

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Welcome Home

When it matters most.

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Little Big Books

My first experience as a young reader.

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In 1982, I opened a small house painting business in Kent, Connecticut using the trade name, "Skip's Painting." It was to become somewhat prophetic, as far as my life is concerned, because I developed an interest in artwork at the same time and have been painting in one form or another ever since. Back in the 70's, an artist friend had given me a cigar box full of oil paints, a handful of brushes, and several canvas panels. They sat for a few years until I needed Christmas gifts for my sisters in 1983. I took photos of their dogs and painted portraits of them without any idea of what I was doing. The paintings came out okay, but what surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed doing them. After I sold my truck, retired from the house painting business, and settled down to raise my son, I kept at it. These days I have several projects going at once and never tire of the effort to get them right. Besides painting in oil, I've been working on watercolors and acrylics, and over the years wrote and published a collection of stories about some of the most memorable experiences in my life. I've included a few here on the Stories page. The book is available on Amazon: 30 Stories and a Little Adventure.


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